A Lidi bit of love

Lidi and I have been friends for 9 years. We met in high school, right when we had both discovered our passions and were ready to get them rolling.

Luckily for us, Makeup artistry and portrait photography go hand in hand, and we were able to begin our portfolios together. I think I can speak for both of us when I say those first handful of shoots we did together were awful (this was more because of me though I'll be straight with you). But that was the beauty and purpose of it, we would fuck shit up real bad, learn from it, and refine ourselves. Here's a cliche moment coming at you, but I honestly wouldn't be where I am in photography without her. 

Lidi asked for some headshots cos she's at that level of boss right now, and of course I was down to clown. Because we can't ever be serious together and because she loves colour, here's one happy, technicolour portrait session.

laura marii x

See lidi's work here: @lidija.mua